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And having theminsidethe lamp might not be ideal. [Article continues after images ...] Ballasts generally last for many years, but they eventually die and have to be replaced. Proven, well-known traditional lamp manufacturers have lowered their pricing on LED linear lamps so that it no longer makes sense to choose products made by riskier, lesser-known lamp manufacturers due to Try these 3 pro tips to reap big savings from an easy LED retrofit View all posts > Posts by Topic LED (57) Energy Efficiency (32) Savings, Payback, & ROI If the output current of the ballast is Iballast, typically it is rated in RMS value.

Fluorescent lamp compatibility/ snap-backWe hope that once you retrofit to LED you don't decide to go back to fluorescent, but it's possible that someone could inadvertently install a linear flourescent lamp This can be more costly than just replacing a ballast.This doesn't mean direct wire is wrong, as this depends on your business needs. The voltage can go extremely high, and this can damage the circuitry (especially on the bench, during experimentation…). It's a common practice to place a finger on the lamp pins while you are trying to install it, and this becomes a risky endeavor with ballast-bypass wiring. check my blog

How Do Led Drivers Work

A large proportion of our constant voltage and constant current drivers are capable of working at 277V. Please consult the Product section of the website for the latest selection of products.

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  2. So it seems reasonable to want to eliminate them from the equation.
  3. Plug-and-play cons: Upfront costEven with the recent price reductions for linear LEDs, they are still usually 3-7 times the price of the existing fluorescent lamps.
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  5. There are several video tutorials available to demonstrate this task.
  6. What is the difference between Trailing Edge, TRIAC, and 1-10v Dimmers?
  7. Part two will cover the AC/DC converter with active LED current control, dealing with high harmonic input current and maximum LED string lengths for ballast types.
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  9. Be sure to follow the installation instructions that come with the product.
  10. Any Driver or Ballast running from an input at 60Hz, for example, will have some minor 120Hz fluctuations on the output current.

Constant voltage loads may be added in parallel across the output of the driver until the maximum output current is reached. Initial simplicity for installerThe lamp snaps into the existing fixture without any wiringmodifications meaning installation can be done by virtually anyone. Sign in Thank You for Registering Please wait you will be redirected shortly. Led Driver Calculator Title 24 Webinar About Us Culture Values Causes History Leadership Ron Regenstreif Mike Goldstone Scott Anderson Judah Regenstreif Ron Pilner Hoon Kim Careers Team Success Stories Contact Us Credit Application Apply

And while the light-producing diodes of an LED lamp may last 50,000 hours and beyond, there's no telling if the driver itself will last that long. What Is A Led Driver It sounds like a winning situation because you never have to think about replacing ballasts again.But actually you do. Have questions about lighting? Lowest cost linear LED solutionAs a simple one-for-one lamp replacement, the cost of the lamps combined with the minimal labor to install them make them the less expensive option.

Read more: What are the best options for replacing linear fluorescent with LED? Led Drivers Circuit Diagram Continued ballast maintenanceWhile LED lamps don't put the same stress on a ballast that linear fluorescents do, on-going ballast maintenance is still required. We offer a 'Better' product which is Trailing Edge dimmable only (also called ELV, Reverse Phase) and dims down to 10%, and at a higher price our 'Best' dimming product group The second part of your decision is which linear LED solution is best for your application.

What Is A Led Driver

As always, feel free to reach out if you have questions or if we can help. http://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/print/volume-11/issue-6/features/led-tubes/how-do-plug-and-play-t8s-stack-up-against-ballast-bypass-led-lamps.html Title 24 requirements In California, there are new Title 24 requirements that need to be meet when you retrofit existing fixtures by replacing the ballast. How Do Led Drivers Work Fortunately, a small film capacitor can be used since the ballast operates at a frequency of about 40 KHz. Dimmable Led Driver 0-10v plug-and-play.For some, the ease of installation on plug-and-play products is attractive, but for others, the simpler long-term maintenance of a direct-wire LED is valuable.

If it doesn't, and if that driver is built into the lamp, there's no way to just replace the driver. If you have a question about an upcoming lighting project, choosing between products, or something else, click here tolet us know. Try these 3 pro tips to reap big savings from an easy LED retrofit Have a comment? In the U.S. Dimmable Led Drivers

These allow you to entirely remove old lamps and ballasts and direct wire the new LED lamp without a separate (external) driver. Fixtures mustbe rewiredIt can be argued that this is a simple process. Among the 31 linear lamps tested in a recent DOE Caliper report, seven different wiring configurations were used. Disconnect the ballast from the circuit and wire the socketsto line voltage.

To avoid disturbing the ballast’s resonant inverter, the magnetizing inductance (open-circuit inductance) of the ballast-side winding should be greater than 20mH. Led Drivers Basics TOOLS & LEARNING Latest Design Tools Products Teardowns Fundamentals Courses Webinars Tech Papers Courses EDN TV Mouser New Products Loading... Eventual extra laborOnce the original fluorescent ballast dies, the need to remove it and rewire the line voltage to the sockets requires additional advanced labor.

Hybrid linear LED cons: Eventual safety riskThe most significant negativeto bypassing the ballast with a linear LED –– once the ballast burns out –– is the risk of electric shock since

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What is THD or Total Harmonic Distortion? Ripple is the amount of this fluctuation expressed as a percent of the output current. Disconnect the ballast from the circuit and wire the socketsto line voltage. Exact wiring uncertaintyUnfortunately, there's no industry-standard wiring schematicfor ballast-bypasslinear LEDs.Different manufacturershave a variety of approaches that the installer mustconsider.

This is the power being used by the driver divided by the product of the input voltage times the current going in. Limited dimming options Though there are currently some good dimmable LED linear options available, the choices are limited and often cost more. When the LED lamp does need replacing, if you mistakenly try to replace it with a fluorescent, the lamp will not be compatible and not function properly with the LED driver. No drivers needed. (This works with electronic ballasts only, and you still have to make sure LED and ballast specs are compatible.) Philips, for instance, came up with their InstantFit line

In our experience, some of the best linear LEDs on the marketinclude the Philips InstantFit product family, Sylvania’s SubstiTUBE products, andTCP’s DirecT8 product. What type of Dimmer is capable of working with your Phase-Controlled dimmable drivers?