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These devices can drive up to six strings with up to 12 white LEDs per string, for a total of 72 LEDs per device—scalable up to four devices. No: Qty Ext Total Mfr. The wide 4.5V to 36V input voltage range makes these drivers suitable for many applications. 1MHz switching frequency allows small components while maintaining high efficiency. The MSL2160 and MSL3164 feature a 20MHz SPI serial interface, and the MSL3163 offers a 1MHz I²C serial interface.

Pomona Electronics Power Integrations Powercast PUI Audio Pulse Electronics Qorvo Qualtek Electronics Radiall RAF Electronic Hardware Raspberry Pi RECOM Rectron Red Pitaya Redpine Signals ReFLEX CES Renesas Electronics RF Digital Ricoh DLP Design DMC Tools EAO EasySync Eaton ebm-papst Ecliptek ECS EDAC ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY Electroswitch Elpac / Inventus Power Elprotronic Inc. Part Number Datasheet Number of Strings Max Current per String LEDs per String String Match Package MSL2100 8 1A Determine by External NFET Ratings 1.0% 6x6mm² QFN-48 MSL3082 8 1A Determine They can drive up to 10 white LEDs per string, for up to 160 LEDs per device.

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The MSL2040 adaptively controls up to two DC-DC converters that power the LED strings, using Microchip's Adaptive SourcePower™ technology. Both interfaces support video frame-by-frame LED string intensity control for up to 8 (MSL216x) or 16 (MSL316x) interconnected devices, to allow active area dimming. They also support LED string voltages up to 250V. Part Number Datasheet Number of Strings Max Current per String LEDs per String String Match Package MSL1060 6 25mA 12 1.5% 5x5mm² QFN-24 MSL1061 6 25mA 12 1.5% 5x5mm² QFN-28 MSL1064

Additionally, an on-chip E²PROM allows the power-up defaults to be customized through the serial interface. The LED current can be reduced from full-scale through the I²C serial interface in 16 (MSLB9061) or 64 (MSLB9082) linear steps. Learn more Television Edge-Lit Allows for higher power operation up to 100mA per channelWidest Dimming Range for zone / regional dimmingControls LED Supply to reduce any headroomSynchronizes to TV video SignalsAllows http://www.mouser.com/new/microchip/atmelmsilica/ These solutions address the notebook, industrial and medical LCD panel markets, where design simplicity, small BOM and internal digital compensation are critical.The external DC-DC Control and Internal Current Sinks LED driver

Microchip LED Drivers utilize a proprietary and patented combination of analog and digital circuit techniques. These efficiency optimizers minimize power use while maintaining LED current accuracy. MSL2100/308x features a 1MHz I²C serial interface. Worldwide English 简体中文 - Chinese (Simplified) 日本語 - Japanese русский - Russian Português (Brasil)- Portuguese (Brazil) Communities myAtmel myAtmel Home My Favorites What's Changed My Updated Downloads Update Profile Change Password

  1. Comprehensive monitoring adjusts for LED aging, faults and thermal effects.
  2. These devices have a digitally controlled feedback loop to manage the LED supply and regulate LED current up to 30mA per LED string, up to 12 LEDs per string.
  3. These compact six- and eight-channel LED driver boards are intended for evaluation, prototyping, or production runs.
  4. They use a digital control loop that eliminates the need for external compensation components.
  5. MSL106x MSL2040 MSL2100/308x MSL216x/316x Driver Boards Videos Microchip MSL106x Six-String LED Drivers with Integrated 50V Switch, ±1% Current Balance, & Internal Digital Compensation View Product List MSL106x are 6-string LED Drivers

The devices can drive 4-16 parallel strings of LEDs and offer fault detection and management of open circuit and short circuit LEDs. Embedded Artists Enpirion / Altera Enterpoint EPCOS / TDK Epson ERNI Connectors Esquilo E-Switch E-T-A Circuit Breakers ETA-USA ETI Systems Eurotech Everlight Everspin Technologies Exar Extech Fair-Rite Fastron Finisar Corporation First Click to send a link to another source. A single pulse-width modulation (PWM) input controls the PWM period and duty cycle for all strings.

These devices address the direct backlight LCD panels and monitor applications.The LED Drivers Solutions with External DC-DC and NFETs drivers family also offers the Efficiency Optimizer technology, but uses external current Basket Summary Basket Contains Scheduled Items Mfr. US Dollars USD is accepted in all countries. LED current is also digitally controlled for all eight LED strings.

The MSLB9061 board has 6 channels, each driving up to 12 series-connected LEDs at up to 30mA per channel. Digital (PWM) dimming is available through an external signal or by using the internal PWM generator via the serial interface. String current can also be controlled with an ambient light sensor (ALS) and/or a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor based temperature sensor to modulate the string output intensity. The LED drivers incorporate functionality for dynamic white point-setting, color-mixing and brightness control, as well as correlated color temperature (CCT) compensation.

Multiple MSL2040s cascade to automatically negotiate the optimum power supply voltage when driving more than four strings from a single power supply. Continue Shopping View Basket * Your basket contains errors. Learn more Television Direct Backlight Allows for higher power operation up to 2A per channelSupports up to 250V string voltageWidest Dimming Range for zone / regional dimmingControls LED Supply to reduce

The MSL106x provide a 500:1 dimming range.

Patented Atmel Adaptive Power Scaling technology results in significant power savings by automatically adjusting the LED supply to the lowest voltage to maintain regulation across all LED strings. This allows electronic equipment manufacturers to significantly enhance product features, while improving power efficiency, reliability, and cost/performance. Corporate headquarters and logistics centre in Mansfield, Texas USA. SL Power Sola / Hevi-Duty SOMNIUM Technologies Souriau SparkFun Stewart Connector / Bel STMicroelectronics Storm Interface Sumida Sunbank Susumu Swissbit Switchcraft Syfer / Knowles Taiwan Semiconductor Taiyo Yuden Taoglas TDK TDK

All prices include duty and customs fees on select shipping methods.Incoterms: DDU applies to most non-EU customers.Duty, customs fees and taxes are collected at time of delivery. These devices also offer automatic fault management of string open-circuit, short-circuit and over-temperature conditions. LED Driver Basics The characteristics of light emitting diodes and an introduction to Microchip's LED drivers and how LED dimming is implemented. Patented Atmel Adaptive Power Scaling technology also delivers significant power savings.

LED dimming is achieved through an external PWM signal or an internal 8-bit PWM engine. Comprehensive monitoring adjusts for aging, faults, and thermal effects. Faults are alerted on the FLTB pin, and fault status is optionally available through the I2C/SMBus compatible serial interface. A unique combination of peak current control and pulse width dimming management offers simple full-screen brightness control, versatile area dimming, and a consistent white point.