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this can probably also be a crude voltage regulator as it regulates the voltage on the resistor i might give that a go also. :) anyway i made a video about Importand, eighth at the transistor don´t permute the legs or maybe there will be curents around 200mA (i tested it!! ;) ). I will try that with the 75Ohm resistors too! :)dudes (author)Jan_HenrikReply2014-08-26I modified the circuit to run any value, adjustable amperage. Linear Technology Chinese Japanese QUALITY CAREERS CONTACT MyLinear PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS DESIGN SUPPORT PURCHASE COMPANY Power Management LED Driver ICs Overview New & Featured Circuits Videos Blogs Tech Support LED Driver http://vinaprosoft.com/led-driver/led-source-driver-ic.php

Jan_Henrik (author)skepticaljayReply2013-11-13Thank you :)More CommentsAbout This Instructable 60,266views135favoritesLicense:Jan_HenrikFollow234More by Jan_Henrik:Add instructable to: Contest GroupRelatedPower LED's - simplest light with constant-current circuitby danHigh Power LED Driver Circuitsby danFun with transistorsby Geek07BoyConstant Current anyway, I'll post an 'ible on it soon.Jan_Henrik (author)dudesReply2014-08-27I understood the sentence, so i think its okay :D I´m waiting for it ;)dudes (author)Jan_HenrikReply2014-08-28so I did some testing with different input This might be part of the circuit's function, but it seemed that it should have constant current even with uneven input. In case you might need a higher current for a different kind of LED.Jan_Henrik (author)The FreakReply2013-12-09Please tell me the current you need, because the maximale current of this circuit is 50mA

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explanation The LED will try to get the maximum aviable curent, what is 20mA, if the 20mA are reached the voltage will go down to the voltage which the LED need before i solder it up i will test to see how i can make it better for higher currents. (maybe darlington setup or even using an lm317 as the voltage source, and I'm currently waiting on a few parts to get here for my 'ible, hope they get here soon!Jan_Henrik (author)dudesReply2014-08-28oh, okay, I will test my circuit too, that seems to be

Add a Voltage source, and add a LED, the LED should light up :) You can place 1 to 7 LED´s in a row, without destroying them and the driver, but Quick LED Driver Search Input Vin (Min) V Vin (Max) V LED Strings # LEDs InEach String # Strings String Current A LED Voltage Min LED But it is still based off yours.Jan_Henrik (author)dudesReply2014-09-07I´m looking forward to see it :)Ploopy (author)Reply2016-11-20I pluged in my led and it went POP!GabrielG137 (author)Reply2016-07-17Hello,I would like to know how to calculate Led Drivers Explained I will make soon an Instructable with a constant current source which has a higher maximum current :) U1=UD1+UD2-UBE I=U1:RE RE=U1:I I hope it helps :-) The Freak (author)Jan_HenrikReply2013-12-11Oh ok, no

example: Input voltage = 9V Circuit = 0,7V Red LED´s = 1,8V 0,7V 1,8V 1,8V 1,8V 1,8V = 7,9V < 9V OK 0,7V 1,8V 1,8V 1,8V 1,8V 1,8V = 9,7V > Led Driver Circuit it could handle quite a few amps but it can only do less than 800mA on the breadboard and using that resistor bank. Collection Intro123Introduction: Simple Led Driver/Constant-current Source 20 MAShow All ItemsHello, in this project i want to show you how to make a constant-current source which gives 20mA at the output. it should total 5 ohms but the breadboard adds more and i dont think im getting 5v at the transistor because of the current through the transistor to turn it on

The circuit board i used is 7x8 holes small one, you can make it smaller when you dont use the terminals, a cooling element is not necessary, because it will not Led Driver Ic Circuit You can place 1 to 7 LED´s in a row, without a resistor and without destroying the LED´s / the driver. The input of the constant-current source can be between 5V and 15V DC, what is realy usefull for variable voltage sources. the second is the newest version shown in my video with a to-92 7805 for regulating my voltage source which is a 5k pot voltage divider with a 100ohm limiting resistor.

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I have two 75 ohm resistors instead of the 39 ohm one, to handle the extra voltage. Here are my results with a single 3.6v blue LED: turns on at 2.5v. 10mA @ 3.5v. 20mA @ 4.1v. 40mA @ 5.15v (USB voltage). 60mA @ 7v. 80mA @ 9v. Led Driver Ic List For less urgent requests, please complete our Technical Support Request Form. Led Driver Circuit Diagram The unloaded output will be the same Voltage as the input -0,7V for the circuid, it will regulate itself when you burden it .

Instructables will help you learn how to make anything!I'm in!About UsWho We AreAdvertiseContactJobsHelpFind UsFacebookYoutubeTwitterPinterestGoogle+ResourcesFor TeachersResidency ProgramGift Premium AccountForumsAnswersSitemapTerms of Service|Privacy Statement|Legal Notices & Trademarks|Mobile Site© 2017 Autodesk, Inc. http://vinaprosoft.com/led-driver/led-current-driver-ic.php Its also known as LEd driver, because many leds need 20 mA to light up. But keeping the LED series option, did that sentence make any sense? Thank you for sharing!dudes (author)Jan_HenrikReply2014-09-07I finally got around to making my 'ible using your circuit. Constant Current Led Driver Ic

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just thought I would share this. Jan_Henrik (author)ceejaaxReply2014-04-05It should work, the input voltage just has to be 0.7 V higher then the output voltage :)The Freak (author)Reply2013-12-07Which element sets this circuit to 20mA? Topologies include boost regulator LED drivers, buck regulator LED drivers, buck-boost LED drivers, SEPIC topology led drivers and more.Regardless of topology, these LED driver ICs offer the highest efficiency, lowest noise, navigate to this website View All LED Driver ICs You will need to enable JavaScript in your browser in order to use the quicksearch form.

Documentation Application Note AN95 - Simple Circuitry for Cellular Telephone/Camera Flash Illumination: A Practical Guide for Successfully Implementing Flashlamps AN117 - DC/DC uModule Regulator Printed Circuit Board Design Guidelines AN115 - Led Driver Constant Current THANKS Jan_Henrik (author)alexx22Reply2013-11-13Thank you :)skepticaljay (author)Reply2013-11-12Simple yet elegant, good job. CHEERS!Jan_Henrik (author)Lectric WizardReply2013-11-13Thank you :) CHEERS! :)alexx22 (author)Reply2013-11-12nice circuit,very well explained.

I'm currently experimenting with a driver circuit I made, I'll post an 'ible on that sometime in the next couple of months.

anything more and it turned it into heat (it got pretty hot when I tried 17v). Other features of Linear Technology LED driver include integrated Schottky diodes, accurate LED current matching and multiple output capability. the transistor then uses that on its base to basically compare the voltage source to the voltage on the resistor turning more on if the voltage is low and turning more Constant Current Led Driver 350ma The current needs to step down from 4A to 30-20mA.

Thanks for the instructable.Jan_Henrik (author)DavidM519Reply2016-03-05that looks very cool, thank you for sharing it with me! :)SuperBrainAK made it! (author)Reply2015-05-31hello there, i really appreciate this tutorial, i made the circuit then modified Usings: To test a LED for bike lights, the dynamo generate different voltages at different speeds If you are annoyed to calculate a resistor for a LEDThank you for reading, you I tried this out-used a bc549c and one led with Vf 2.1vthis is not a constant current source, as it varies with the input voltage.but it does limit the current to my review here Please allow 2-3 business days for reply.